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Edward L. Murphy, Personal Injury Attorney at Foley and Murphy

Personal Statement

I was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. I am the oldest of three children. My father was a union carpenter, who eventually became an owner of a garage door company. My mother was a stay-at-home wife and mother who devoted herself to raising the children.

I grew up outside Zionsville, Indiana, when it was primarily a farming community. I attended Pike High School in Marion County, Indiana. While in high school, I was elected President of the Student Council.

After graduation from high school, I attended Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. I graduated from the School of Business with a B.S. degree in Business Administration. I was accepted and attended the Indiana University School of Law. During my first year in law school, I met Kathleen (Kathi) B. Kowalski. At the end of my second year of law school, Kathi and I were married. I paid for my expenses to obtain my undergraduate degree. With Kathi’s help, we paid for my law school degree.

While in law school, I was one of the two students who received an offer to be in the Navy JAG. Before accepting that position, I was offered a clerkship with Judge Norman Arterburn of the Supreme Court of Indiana. I accepted that position. As a clerk, I did research, attended arguments in the Indiana Supreme Court, wrote memorandums and the first draft of opinions. Significant time was spent researching what would become the Indiana Trial Rules, a very valuable experience.

After the conclusion of my clerkship, I accepted an associate position at Livingston Dildine Haynie and Yoder. Gil Haynie was a terrific attorney, with an enviable book of business. Two weeks after I started work at the firm, Gil Haynie unexpectantly died. With his absence, I started doing litigation.

At the beginning, I obtained litigation experience in the family law arena. After spending some time in that field, I started doing general litigation. I was fortunate to develop valuable clients including major insurance companies, Ford Motor Company, including its Pinto litigation, Ashland Chemical Company for its product liability claims, Westinghouse Corporation, and Summit Bank. With my litigation practice, I started to defend health care providers—hospitals, clinics, doctors, dentists, nurses and other health care providers. I represented clients in a wide geographic area in Northern Indiana and tried several cases in Ohio.

I have extensive experience in major, multimillion-dollar cases. I have obtained million-dollar verdicts for my clients. In addition, I have defended cases where the special damages exceeded several million dollars. I am proud of the fact that I am frequently asked by other attorneys to assist them on major cases.

I truly enjoy trials and the practice of law. A considerable part of that enjoyment is assisting people who have suffered major injuries and need compensation as a step in regaining their previous lifestyle. Those factors have resulted in my being selected a Best Attorneys in America and a Super Lawyer for twenty-three years.

Good legal representation comes from having a competent, experienced, qualified attorney, who listens to the client, plans an approach to addressing the problem, and follows through in a timely manner to obtain the desired result. I join Ed Foley in believing every client has the status of being a member of the family.

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