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Paying Medical Bills – Foley & Murphy

After an accident, our clients at Foley & Murphy face medical treatment and recovery and the bills that result from receiving such treatment. Foley & Murphy will help handle the payment of medical bills for injuries following an accident. Paying medical expenses after an accident can be a problem, confusing and frustrating. At Foley & Murphy, our attorneys and staff can be of great assistance in ensuring your medical bills are paid and that you are not pulled into a collections proceeding.

For medical bills arising from an accident involving a motor vehicle or injury at a home or business, typically medical pay benefits are available under an auto policy or a premises liability policy. This coverage pays medical bills regardless of fault up to a certain dollar amount. These amounts typically range from $1,000.00 to $10,000.00, though on occasion the coverage can be as high as $25,0000.00, $50,000.00 or even $100,000.00.

Once the medical pay benefits are exhausted, the next insurance to apply, if it is available, is health insurance or coverage through Medicare or Medicaid. At Foley & Murphy, we can help you in making contact with your carrier so the transfer of payment from the medpay coverage to your health insurance occurs seamlessly so the bills are paid without frustration to you.

If you have coverage with Medicare or Medicaid, Foley & Murphy will make contact with Medicare or Medicaid to tell them of our involvement to help insure the processing of your bills and to handle any future reimbursement issues.

If your accident is one that occurred while you were at work, then workers’ compensation insurance would apply. Workers’ compensation will pay all of your medical expenses from the first to the last dollar. Foley & Murphy will make contact with your workers’ compensation insurer to make certain your medical bills are paid and that you receive your loss of pay benefits for being unable to work.

For our clients who have no insurance coverage, Foley & Murphy can also help them with their bills to get them paid and so they are not put into collections. We will write letters of protection to your various healthcare providers telling them that payment will be made from any recovery we make for you. With such letters of protection, many healthcare providers will forego further collection efforts against you until your case is resolved. This can be of great relief to stop collection letters and calls and the hassles and difficulties that go along with that.

If you or a family member has been injured in an accident or have suffered some other loss due to the fault of another, contact Foley & Murphy by email from our Contact page. You can also call us at 800-276-2525.

We have years of experience, an extremely helpful staff and we truly care about our clients and their families. Thanks again for contacting us at Foley & Murphy.

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