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Foley & Murphy has been engaged in the practice of law for more than 20 years. Listed below are examples of settlements and verdicts Foley & Murphy has secured on behalf of its clients in state courts and in the federal courts.


    • $125,000,000.00 – Lead counsel in Indiana working to secure a settlement of $125,000,000.00 against the New England Compounding Center and its officers, directors and employees arising from fungus contaminated epidural injections distributed throughout the United States, including Indiana and Michigan.
    • $3,200,000.00 – Represented worker injured at work site due to injuries caused by third party contractors (not employer).
    • $3,000,000.00 – Retail store slip and fall claim resulting in brain injury.
    • $1,600,000.00 – Represented estate of employee injured as a result of an at-work explosion caused by third party contractor.
    • $1,100,000.00 – Represented pickup truck driver involved in collision with a semi-tractor trailer resulting in brain injury and fractures.
    • $1,100,000.00 – Represented woman injured due to defective product resulting in injuries involving significant complications and multiple follow up procedures.
    • $750,000.00 – Represented estate of construction worker injured who suffered fatal injuries during the course of assisting and the unloading of construction materials from a trailer.
    • $700,000.00 – Represented estate of man electrocuted while working on farm property. Settlement with certain defendants and trial with one defendant.
    • $650,000.00 – Represented estate of middle age woman who suffered fatal injuries during the course of a car semi-tractor collision.
    • $613,000.00 – Represented estate of man who died from injuries due to collision with a semi-tractor trailer.
    • $545,000.00 – Represented family members suffering injury after being struck by a delivery vehicle which failed to stop for a stop sign.
    • $515,000.00 – Represented delivery driver of RV units injured in crash with vehicle on interstate highway resulting in severe lower extremity injuries. Settlements with two defendants and verdict against a third defendant.
    • $500,000.00 – Represented client rearended by truck resulting in concussive and hand injuries.
    • $500,000.00 – Represented client involved in an intersectional accident resulting in chest and upper extremity injuries.
    • $410,000.00 – Represented woman struck by a vehicle involved in a high speed auto chase.
    • $280,000.00 – Represented high school student injured in highway intersection accident suffering vertebral fractures.
    • $275,000.00 – Represented elderly handicapped gentlemen who fell on asphalt debris in apartment complex parking lot.
    • $235,000.00 – Represented woman injured at county road intersection collision suffering complex hand injuries.
    • Multiple Settlements in Mass Tort Litigation – Represent many clients who received either defective medical implants or defective pharmaceuticals resolved by settlements with various manufacturers.

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