Following a personal injury accident, you can suffer from physical, mental, and financial losses. From unexpected medical bills and lost wages to emotional distress, recovery from a personal injury lawsuit may seem impossible, but with support, it can be achieved. You can learn more about personal injury lawyers here.

What Not to do After a Car Accident 

What Can I Recover in a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

In Indiana, there are four basic elements of recovery for injury and related losses. Recovery is available for:

Medical and Related Expenses

Recovery for medical expenses is for the amount that was actually paid to cover the billing and for any remaining amounts that have yet to be paid. In addition, to the extent that there’s sufficient proof for the need for ongoing medical care, recovery is available for future medical treatment and related costs.

Reimbursement of Pay Loss

For pay loss, recovery is available from the time of injury until the time one is able to return to one’s job or to an equivalent position. There can also be recovery for pay loss to the extent that injuries are so severe that it prevents one from continuing work. In such cases, we will typically retain an economist to do a loss of pay calculation for the remainder of the person’s work life.

Pain and Suffering Losses

Pain and suffering damages and damages for the future effects of one’s injuries are subjective in that there is no mathematical formula to calculate such damages. Such an award is left to the discretion of a jury upon being instructed by the court about various factors to consider for pain and suffering. It is ultimately left to the discretion of the jury to use their best judgment and understanding to determine a fair amount to fully and fairly compensate the injured person.

Ongoing Symptoms or Limitations That May Result From an Injury

For future pain and suffering and related physical limitations, such damages are also left to the discretion of the jury. There typically needs to be proof of ongoing future symptoms and impairment from testimony of a doctor indicating that there will be such permanent effects. For those with more severe impairments, we may retain the services of a rehabilitation physician who specializes in the future needs of patients with permanent impairments and injuries, and we also may retain the services of a life care planner who can calculate the cost of future medical care and other needed services to allow our client to be able to better cope with their permanent injuries in the future.

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